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HR, Workspace Expert - Answered on Feb 01, 2024

R P Yadav is the founder, chairman and managing director of Genius Consultants Limited, a 30-year-old human resources solutions company.
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Asked by Anonymous - Jan 27, 2024Hindi

My previous company is delaying my FNF settlement. They are saying my dues of sample are pending which i already submitted to them. Also HR has given experience cum reliving letter. I have all proof of submission LR copy for sample returns. Now it's 3months and they are delaying still saying we have to check the samples. Please guide me how to resolve this situation on immediate basis so I can get my money.

Ans: I’m sorry to hear that you are facing issues with your Full and Final (FnF) settlement. According to Paytm Business, FnF settlement refers to the process of calculating various dues payable to an employee who has resigned, retired, or been removed from an organization. It includes the calculations as per the salary drawn till the last working day but also deductions or additional earnings. The major components of the full and final settlement dues include outstanding/unpaid salary, unavailed privileged leaves and bonuses.

It is a common practice to finalize the FnF settlement process within 30-45 days from the last working day of an employee, irrespective of whether he has resigned or is being terminated. If the employer fails to fulfill the FnF settlement requirements, the employee can contest it legally, and the employer will be liable to pay interest on all the dues as a penalty.

You mentioned that you have all the proof of submission of LR copy for sample returns. You can try to reach out to your previous employer and request them to expedite the process. If they do not respond, you can send a legal notice to your previous employer stating that you will take legal action if the dues are not cleared within a specified time frame. You can also consult a lawyer to help you with the legal process.

I hope this information helps you. Good luck!

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Krishna Kumar  |330 Answers  |Ask -

Workplace Expert - Answered on Feb 09, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Sep 06, 2023Hindi
Hello Sir/Madam, This has been a practice of my company to delay the Full & Final settlement for employees who resign from the company. The final settlement along with the experience letters will be received after almost 2 months of leaving the organisation. This is the case with normal employees who serve three months notice period. These 2 months are very chaotic as the new company keeps requesting for the experience letters. There is no specific reason cited by the organisation for the delay in making the settlement. Sometimes the reasons seem petty. As a manager, I know this is wrong but I was helpless. 3 months back, our organisation had laid off many employees including me. They informed us that we will be getting three months salary as severance pay. The first two months were credited on time i.e 1st of each month. However, the third month payment has been stopped. They informed us it will be settled with the F&F settlement. There were no timelines mentioned to us. There is no letter issued to us - Neither laptop acceptance or resignation acceptance. I am getting job offers but they expect a firm date for joining along with the experience letters. I am not in position to furnish them these details. What can I do in this case? The company that I worked for is a BSE listed firm with strong financials.
Ans: Dear

I can understand your situation. What ai would suggest is better open and transparent with your potential employer, show them your resignation letter and the salary credited. I am sure they will appreciate.

All the best.

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R P Yadav  |304 Answers  |Ask -

HR, Workspace Expert - Answered on Mar 21, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Mar 19, 2024Hindi
Hello sir the company has not cleared all my documents and mistakenly deposited 2 months salary instead of FnF from the start they are not giving me clear communication about FnF now they are leveraging my documents to ask the money back and threatening me that they will give my background verification as red and make a case on me of financial fraud i asked them that as it have been a lot of time now please process my FnG document and then I’ll clear all errors made by their side but they said no you have to work according to them only I don’t have any saying in it. What should i do?
Ans: I’m sorry to hear about your situation. But I can suggest some general steps you might consider:

Document Everything: Keep a record of all communications with the company. This could be useful if you need to prove your case later.
Consult a Legal Expert: It might be helpful to consult with a legal expert or a labor attorney who can provide advice based on your specific situation and local labor laws.
Contact Human Resources: If you haven’t already, you might want to bring this issue to the attention of your company’s Human Resources department. They may be able to assist in resolving the issue.
Labor Board or Union: If your company isn’t responsive, you could consider reaching out to your local labor board or, if applicable, your union representative.
Remember, it’s important to seek professional advice in situations like these. I hope things get resolved for you soon.

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