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Career Counsellor - Answered on Jun 13, 2024

Nayagam is a certified career counsellor and the founder of EduJob360.
He started his career as an HR professional and has over 10 years of experience in tutoring and mentoring students from Classes 8 to 12, helping them choose the right stream, course and college/university.
He also counsels students on how to prepare for entrance exams for getting admission into reputed universities /colleges for their graduate/postgraduate courses.
He has guided both fresh graduates and experienced professionals on how to write a resume, how to prepare for job interviews and how to negotiate their salary when joining a new job.
Nayagam has published an eBook, Professional Resume Writing Without Googling.
He has a postgraduate degree in human resources from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi, a postgraduate diploma in labour law from Madras University, a postgraduate diploma in school counselling from Symbiosis, Pune, and a certification in child psychology from Counsel India.
He has also completed his master’s degree in career counselling from ICCC-Mindler and Counsel, India.
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Asked by Anonymous - Jun 03, 2024Hindi

Hello I am Shyam, I had got 91% in CBSE boards and was planning to pursue a career in design the whole 11th and 12th, my parents too were ok with tht desicion. I had given uceed and nid where I lost both in nid I had lost by 4 marks. Now my parents are suggesting me to take btech as many people and relatives said design will be taken over and so having a secure btech degree is better. And I hadn't written any engineering exam like jee so my parents are considering a gap year for it . I have also applied for NFSU. I do want to pursue design but I don't think my parents find it secure at least for btech they are ok with it at masters. My dad especially is keen of iit and nit.

Ans: Shyam, If you are targeting any IIT / NIT with a drop for next year (as per your parents’ wish), please note some important factors (1) During the last 2-years or 1-Year (since you completed your 10th) had you joined any Coaching Centre for JEE? (2) If not, joining Coaching Centre this year (for your JEE next year), you will have to not only cover NCERT Books, but also have to thoroughly go through all the 11th & 12th PCM concepts explained in Coaching Centre Materials (3) You will have to also practice a lot of questions / attempt mock tests / prepare short notes etc. (4) You have to prepare a fool-proof strategies as you have less than 1-year (hardly 7-8 months for your 1st JEE Exam (5) Time Management within this short period plays a crucial role. Will you be able to? (6) And, if you are targeting top IITs / NITs for you / your parents’ preferred branches, your AIR should be good. If you are CONFIDENT over all these factors, you can try for JEE next year. No Issue. NOW Coming to your interest in Design. (1) Bachelor’s Degree in Design has a diverge range of career avenues such as, Your success in Design Career depends upon your self-motivation / dedication / upgrading your skills continuously even after you land into any job (2) As you have already prepared for NID Entrance Exams, you can easily attempt again for the same with a very good score and / or you can try for the same for any other reputed Private College if it conducts its own Entrance Test. I hope I have clarified your doubt. All The BEST for your Bright Future, Shyam.

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Asked on - Jun 20, 2024 | Answered on Jun 21, 2024
Is nfsu good
Ans: You are referring National Forensic Sciences? Openings will be less. Still you can go ahead if you are much interested in it. If affordable, you can go for Masters abroad also.
Asked on - Jun 21, 2024 | Answered on Jun 21, 2024
They only have btech mtech cyber security with cs , Is vit or nfsu better
Ans: VIT
Asked on - Jun 21, 2024 | Not Answered yet
In vit also is mtech cs better or btech I do want pursue design later on in abroad could u suggest good colleges for tht

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