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Personality Development Expert, Career Coach - Answered on Jul 06, 2023

Asked on - Jun 27, 2023Hindi

How should I present my CV,if I do not have experience letter of a company where I worked in the beginning of my career.I have 14 years of experience in IT field and this experience constitutes about 1.5 years of work.
Ans: Hi Madhu,

Thank you for reaching out. Hope you are doing well.

It totally depends how early in the career you are referring. If the experience was at the start of your career, then that shouldn’t actually have any major impact. As the organizations look for the recent past 3 to 5 years of documentations as part of background check process. So, even if you mention about the employer, it shouldn’t have any challenge. I would highly recommend you call this out during your interview process, so the new employer is completely aware of the same. In the meantime, you can use alternative references as mentioned -
1- Reach out to HR of that company and request for the experience letter copy (best approach). It’s always good to have all the documents.
2- Look for your salary documents/ Bank statements which will show as proof of employment (2nd best approach).
3- You could reach out to colleagues or supervisors from that time and ask if they would be willing to provide a reference or recommendation for your work. Mention their names and contact details on your CV, indicating that they can be contacted for further information.
Hope this helps. All the best.

Ashwini Dasgupta
To Your Success. Be You. Be Confident.
Author of -Confidence Decoded. Is it a Skill or Attitude?
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