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Dr Karthiyayini

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General Physician - Answered on Mar 03, 2024

Dr Karthiyayini Mahadevan has been practising for 30 years.
She specialises in general medicine, child development and senior citizen care.
A graduate from Madurai Medical College, she has DNB training in paediatrics and a postgraduate degree in developmental neurology.
She has trained in Tai chi, eurythmy, Bothmer gymnastics, spacial dynamics and yoga.
She works with children with development difficulties at Sparrc Institute and is the head of wellness for senior citizens at Columbia Pacific Communities.... more
Varsha Question by Varsha on Feb 26, 2024Hindi

One of my senior citizen relative (age 63 years) had suffered a partial brain stroke about 6 years ago. With treatment, he has partially recovered physically but there has been significant behavioral changes in him. In particular, his routine habits have become very unhygienic. He avoids taking bath, sometimes for days together, unless pushed/forced. Of late, he has apparently been unable to control his toilet habits/morning rituals also and has been soiling his clothes. This has put severe pressure/strain on family members who, for obvious reasons, are unwilling to clean him. He is otherwise physically okay (not bedridden) and his other behavior is near normal. What is the possible reason for this? Can we shift him to some senior citizen home where he can be taken care of and guided to control his toilet habits? Shall be grateful if you could give details of such care homes, particularly in/around central India.

Ans: The background history points, to say that along with Stroke he has lost certain faculties personal hygiene, particularly Cortical inhibitory function are disturbed
This could be due to the neuronal death
Leading to some form of vascular dementia
He needs to be under medical supervision
To my knowledge, he would need a dementia care home, but with family members as care givers staying along. In dementia, leaving them in a home with no family member will not help in tracing some memory
Such homes are very less in India
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