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VC, Angel Investing, Entrepreneurship Expert - Answered on Jul 18, 2023

Chandu Nair advises entrepreneurs and enterprises about creating and building their business.
He has direct experience in angel, venture capital and strategic investor funding. Over the last three decades, he has made a name for himself in industry, consultancy, media and information services.
Nair is on the advisory boards of the Chennai-based private equity firm Fulcrum and the social impact fund, Menterra. He's an independent director on the board of India's first retail building products company, Shankara Building Products Limited.
He was the co-founder of Scope e-Knowledge Center, a pioneering knowledge process outsourcing company, as well as the co-founder of a business-to-business e-commerce venture, both of which he successfully exited.... more
Asked by Anonymous - Jul 17, 2023Hindi

dear sir, we’ve based our product startup companies( ie Ltd&LLP all certified with DPIIT…) based on innovations and mostly hardcore inventions, some of which are internationally awarded and patented. almost all of our products carry some or other innovations in true sense not just trendy hype… From medical domain, home furnishings fitments to VVIP security or defence and more, we’ve game changing innovations in most products. sir , before we seek VC,Angels investors, we want to build ready POCs for spinning off, domain specific firms since private investors would want a profitable and viable setup for definite ROIs; ie we wish to have either govt/Philanthropic grants based on innovations and potential future ROI… ( We want to concentrate and rather assert our selves, on real value adding products for benefit of all stakeholders , not just making profits… in one line, we wish to act independently without reporting to investors targeting profits than products value creating innovative checklists… atleast before we come out with sellable MVP on shelf market realities. initial seeding has totally exhausted our savings, assets sold and even working capital. we cant just stick to just 1 product due to the whole ecosystem designed around each and hence interdependent just like links in chain. We’ve huge potential even in space domains where we can even help isro drdo to excel further( although we’ve not dared to do POCs due to obviously resources crunch …) Kindly guide us to get ourselves govt/philanthropical grants of order 45L onwards so that we can switch ON the sales marketing and kickstart the giants propeller engines alike huge ships to start the immense potential voyages , with deserving stakeholders onboard. working capital needs of order of 50xL is of prime importance /criticality. thank you for your time. BR, founders Chandra kpchandra49 at gmail NB kindly share your contact emails or ping us directly referencing this page’s online matter

Ans: The Government of India has certain grant schemes for start-ups. Visit https://www.startupindia.gov.in/ to get details. I think there are over 20 funding schemes. Certain State governments too have innovation voucher or other start-up assistance programmes. See what suits your needs.

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