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Mayank Rautela  |238 Answers  |Ask -

HR Expert - Answered on Nov 01, 2022

Mayank Rautela is the group chief human resources officer at Care Hospitals.
A management graduate from the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies with a master's degree in labour laws from Pune University, Rautela has over 20 years of experience in general management, strategic human resources, global mergers and integrations and change management.... more
Anonymous Question by Anonymous on Nov 01, 2022Hindi

Dear Mayank,
I work as a consultant and have applied for a new role at two different organisations. One is offering me a good compensation but I will have to relocate to a remote continent for two years. The other organisation is offering me lesser compensation but will require me to travel at least 3-4 days a week (but within the country and it can be quite exhausting.) I am confused because both jobs are exciting in their own way but will require me to stay away from my family. Pls help.



You will first need to evaluate which job is providing you better learning opportunities and what competencies you will develop in each role.

Also, your personal preference is very important along with the brand of the organisation.

Many of us have to sacrifice our personal life to build a strong career, so be prepared for that.



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Mayank Rautela  |238 Answers  |Ask -

HR Expert - Answered on Apr 07, 2021


Ramalingam Kalirajan  |3913 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Apr 12, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Feb 21, 2024Hindi
Is there any answer for my query asked on 07 Jan 2024. Male 42 Year, Wife 38 (housewife), Two Kids age 9 and 5.5 (both school going), living in Ghaziabad, Job in Gurugram. I had a loss of my own property when my brother cheated on me, then I had another loss of around 25L in a property. Because of this, I disturbed mentally and physically both. Currently living on rent in Ghaziabad and doing daily up & down to Gurgaon for job which takes around 4.5 hrs. Thought of shifting to Gurgaon, but because of cost factors (like daily expenses, rent, school fees etc) are very high in Gurgaon as compared to Ghaziabad. But not at the age of 42, health does not allow the 4.5 hrs of daily journey as well as my kids want my time also. Ultimately, point is that, if I will stay in GZB and purchase a property here, I will have to commute daily for 4.5 hrs OR if I'll go to Gurgaon, meeting the expenses are difficult. Kindly suggest.
Ans: It sounds like you're facing a challenging situation with various factors to consider. Here are a few suggestions:

Consider prioritizing your health and well-being: A 4.5-hour daily commute can take a toll on your physical and mental health, especially considering your age and family responsibilities.

Evaluate your financial situation carefully: Compare the costs of living in Ghaziabad versus Gurgaon, including rent, school fees, and daily expenses. Look for ways to optimize your budget and potentially increase your income through avenues like investments or additional sources of revenue.

Explore alternative living arrangements: Look for more affordable housing options closer to your workplace in Gurgaon or explore the possibility of telecommuting if your job allows it.

Seek professional guidance: Consider consulting with a financial advisor or counselor who can help you assess your options objectively and make informed decisions based on your priorities and financial situation.

Ultimately, prioritize your health, family well-being, and financial stability when making your decision. It may require some careful planning and adjustments, but finding the right balance is crucial for your overall happiness and success.

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R P Yadav  |304 Answers  |Ask -

HR, Workspace Expert - Answered on Mar 21, 2024

Sir my name is Pooja I'm from Mumbai.. I am always concerned my job. After graduation i worked in call centre because I'm not aware of jobs i got then I did that time. I told my friend i m working as Customer service.. they look cheap !! Eww she is working.. but my goal is to get job in good finance profile I'm getting in accounts executive profile and that are 40+ km from my hometown to travel. Idk what I do ? Should I do that job or and also jobs was very far from where I live like a 40 km or 50km. Is it worth?? I want to do but traveling k vajah se raat bhut late hoga wahi soch Rahi hu ! Please give me a suggestion. I would love to hear back.
Ans: Hello Pooja, it’s great to hear from you. Your concerns about your job and travel are completely valid. Here are a few things you might consider:

Job Satisfaction: It’s important to find a job that aligns with your career goals and interests. If the finance profile is what you aspire to, then it might be worth considering, even if it’s a bit far.
Travel Time: Long commutes can be tiring and can affect your work-life balance. However, some people use this time to read, learn new things, or relax by listening to music or podcasts.
Safety: Since you mentioned that you might get home late due to the commute, consider the safety aspect as well.
Opportunities Closer to Home: Keep looking for opportunities that might come up closer to your home.
Remote Work: With the current trend of remote work, many companies offer flexible work-from-home options. You could look for such opportunities in your desired profile.
Remember, it’s your decision at the end of the day. Consider all factors including your health, safety, interest in the job profile, and work-life balance. Hope this helps

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