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Answered on May 24, 2021

Hello Dr Jain.I am 41 years old and I have had grey hair since I was 14 years old.I apply mehendi (henna) from childhood on my hair.Is there any solution to grow black hair, if possible?Is there any other option other than mehendi? I am afraid of using dyes as it may affect my remaining black hair.Please help.Regards,Madhuri Shinde

Hi Madhuri

You get grey hair when your hair loses the pigment called melanin. Though the cause is genetic in most, you can also get premature greying due to different causes that include:

  • Stress
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Antimalarial drugs
  • Chronic illness
  • Nutritional deficiencies

It would have been great if you had started taking treatment in your teens, when your hair started to grey.

Nevertheless, you can still slow down the process of greying and have healthy hair at the same time.

There are medicated treatments to prevent greying of hair. Before you consider them, do get evaluated by a good dermatologist. They will recommend a blood test so that they can evaluate your condition and suggest appropriate treatment.

Meanwhile, this is what you can do.

  • Ensure you consume a good diet that is rich in Vitamin B12, proteins and other nutrients.
  • A multivitamin pill can also be a good support.
  • Avoid too much exposure to heat as it can damage hair tissue.
  • Antioxidants form the mainstay of your treatment so you can take an antioxidant pill. You can also get good antioxidants from your diet.

Foods that help reduce greying:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Mushrooms
  • Blueberries
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Oysters

If you wish to colour your grey hair, use good quality mehendi or ammonia free hair dyes.


Answered on May 24, 2021

Hello Doctor.I am a 49-year-old man. Lately, I have developed an itchy scalp.I had alopecia (a condition that causes hair to fall our in small patches). I have recovered but now have a four finger-sized bald patch on the crown of my head. My hair is thinning too.I have done my blood test -- my Vitamin D, thyroid, iron... all levels are normal.There is no stress.I get seven hours sound sleep too.I am vegetarian and there is no heredity of balding in my family.Once a week, I use warm coconut/castor oil with some lemon drops and leave it in my hair for 7-8 hours.I use Patanjali Coconut Kesh Raksha shampoo.For conditioner, I use egg yolk and yoghurt and after that I use Dr Hauschka Neem Scalp Tonic.What are your thoughts on Biotin 500 tablets?If you can please guide me with any simple home remedies, I will be grateful.Looking forward to hear from you.Jay

Hi Jay.

The fact that you have recovered from alopecia is a good sign.

From your description, it looks like you were suffering from androgentic alopecia or male pattern baldness, starting from your crown area.

While the cause for androgenetic alopecia is mainly hormonal, many factors can add to this.

We should aim at controlling them while preventing you from balding further. We should also try to reverse your hair thinning and bald patch problems.

First, the don'ts

  • Don't use too much oil. While oil serves as a conditioner, its overuse and leaving it on for too long can cause blocking of the pores and damage of hair.
  • Don't use so many different oils. Use only one thin oil as a conditioner. Don't expect the use of these oils to result in hair growth or prevent balding.
  • Don't take high doses of Biotin. While Biotin is no doubt good for hair, it can have side effects when used in excess. First, evaluate whether you have a deficiency in Biotin and then decide what dose to take under the guidance of an expert.

Now, the do's

  • Start with a medicated hair oil which will reduce the thinning and help grow thick hair.
  • Take multivitamin tablets as vitamin deficiency causes hair thinning.
  • Consume proteins, vitamins and Biotin-rich foods on a regular basis.
  • Exercise, yoga, meditation and adequate sleep all have a role to play in hair health.
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