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Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on May 31, 2024

Asked on - Sep 13, 2023Hindi

Dear Sir I am 26 years old and started earning 1 year back. My take home salary is little more than 50,000 pm. An amount of Rs.5,600 pm is being deducted from salary by employer on account of EPF and I have also a PPF account having annual deposit of 25,000.00 I have already started investing Rs.5100.00 per month in three different Mutual Funds i.e. Kotak Small Cap Fund, Nippon Large Cap Fund and PP Flexi Cap Fund, each. Now, I am thinking to start investing Rs.5100.00 through SIP in HDFC Balance Dynamic Fund. All the above investments have been started with a very long term view of 25 years since I am planning to retire by the time I reached to 50 years age and my Goal is achieve corpus of atleast 10.00 crores. Kindly suggest, whether :- (1) My current investments (including proposed SIP) are sufficient to achieve the proposed Goal ? (2) Any modification is required in the present investment strategy ? Kindly note that at present I am a bachelor, planing for marriage in next two years and I do not have any requirement of construction/acquisition of permanent asset (residential house) since I am residing in parental home with my parents.
Ans: Your proactive approach to financial planning at the age of 26 is commendable. Building a strong investment portfolio early in life sets a solid foundation for achieving long-term goals. Let’s assess your current investments and proposed plans to ensure you are on the right track to reach your goal of accumulating Rs 10 crores by the age of 50.

Evaluating Your Current Investments
Your monthly income is slightly more than Rs 50,000, with Rs 5,600 deducted for EPF and an additional Rs 25,000 annually in PPF. You are also investing Rs 5,100 per month in three different mutual funds. Let’s break down the effectiveness of these investments.

Employee Provident Fund (EPF)
The EPF is a stable and secure form of savings. It offers tax benefits and a decent rate of return. Over the long term, it will contribute significantly to your retirement corpus.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)
The PPF is another excellent long-term investment with tax benefits. Your annual deposit of Rs 25,000 in the PPF will grow substantially over 25 years due to the power of compounding.

Mutual Funds
Your current investment of Rs 5,100 per month in each of three mutual funds (small cap, large cap, and flexi cap) is well diversified. Small cap funds offer high growth potential, while large cap funds provide stability. Flexi cap funds add flexibility to your portfolio by investing across market capitalizations.

Proposed Investment in HDFC Balanced Dynamic Fund
Adding a balanced dynamic fund to your portfolio is a strategic move. These funds balance equity and debt investments, reducing risk while providing growth. This aligns with your long-term goal and adds a layer of stability to your investments.

Assessing the Adequacy of Your Current Investments
Estimating Future Corpus
To achieve Rs 10 crores by the age of 50, consistent and strategic investments are crucial. Considering the power of compounding and historical market returns, your current investments appear promising. However, regular monitoring and adjustments are necessary to stay on track.

Diversification and Risk Management
Your portfolio is well-diversified across different asset classes and fund categories. This diversification reduces risk and enhances the potential for growth. However, ensure periodic review and rebalancing to maintain the desired asset allocation.

Recommendations for Your Investment Strategy
Continue with Regular SIPs
SIP investments are effective for long-term wealth creation. They mitigate market volatility and inculcate financial discipline. Continue your existing SIPs and proposed investment in the balanced dynamic fund.

Increase Investment Gradually
As your income grows, consider increasing your SIP amounts. Incremental increases in investments will significantly impact your corpus over the long term. Aim to increase your SIPs by at least 10% annually.

Emergency Fund and Insurance
Ensure you have an adequate emergency fund, ideally covering 6-12 months of expenses. Also, consider health and term insurance to protect against unforeseen events. This will safeguard your financial plan and provide peace of mind.

Regular Reviews and Adjustments
Financial planning is not a one-time activity. Regularly review your investments and make necessary adjustments based on market conditions and life changes. Consulting with a Certified Financial Planner can provide professional guidance.

Your current and proposed investments are on a good path towards achieving your goal of Rs 10 crores by age 50. Continue with disciplined investing, regular reviews, and necessary adjustments. Your proactive approach and long-term vision are commendable and will serve you well in your financial journey.

Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,


Ramalingam Kalirajan5054 Answers  |Ask -

Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on Apr 08, 2024

Asked on - May 22, 2023Hindi

I am 26 years old and investing Rs.5100 each in Kotak Small Cap Fund & PP Flexi Cap Fund, through SIP since last 18 months. I have a long term view of over 10 years and may even like to continue even after 10 years. These fund have not shown much appreciation in last 2 years. Is there any need to review my investiment or I may continue above SIPs ? I am also thinking to start another SIP of 5000 in a large cap fund i.e. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund, for a long term view. Whether it will be a good decision OR please suggest any other good option for large cap fund. Please guide.
Ans: Given your long-term investment horizon and diversified portfolio, it's natural to experience periods of lower growth or volatility, especially in specific market segments like small caps. However, it's essential to periodically review your investments to ensure they align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Considering your existing SIPs in Kotak Small Cap Fund and PP Flexi Cap Fund, it's advisable to assess their performance against their respective benchmarks and peer funds. If they consistently underperform, you may consider reallocating or discontinuing these SIPs.

Regarding starting a new SIP in Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund or any other large-cap fund, it's a prudent move to diversify your portfolio across different market segments. However, before making a decision, thoroughly research the fund's historical performance, fund manager's track record, expense ratio, and investment philosophy.

Alternatively, you can explore other large-cap funds known for consistent performance and stability, ensuring they complement your existing investments and contribute to your long-term financial objectives.

Remember, regular portfolio reviews and adjustments are crucial to optimize returns and mitigate risks over the long term. Consulting a financial advisor can provide personalized guidance based on your individual circumstances and investment goals.
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