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Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Sep 28, 2022

Asked on - Sep 28, 2022Hindi

Dear Anu, I am a housewife with two kids, younger one is 3 years old.
I used to be working before the birth of my second child. I can't join back the job as we are nuclear family and husband is busy whole day with his work.
I have to take care of the house and kids almost full day. Sometimes I’m frustrated and irritated.
I gave talked about this to my husband but not much respite. He says 'I’m doing my job to earn. You do your job to look after house.'
Don't know what to do.


Dear PS,

Typical nuclear family with very little family support relies solely on the mother being the caregiver and this can result in a lot of frustrations. Understood!

But what exactly are you trying to do fighting the situation knowing that things might be the same for a few years down the line till the children grow a little older? Are you planning on being frustrated for all these years?

Also, someone needs to give your husband a talk on these gender specific remarks and pushing the job of the home to you.

Maybe he didn’t mean it the way it sounded, but well…

In the digital world, there is enough and more to do to use the skills that a person has. So why not explore, a work-from-home part time option?

Depending on what your expertise is and the time that you can give to the work from home option, why don’t you focus on searching for this?

This will require an amazing time management and organization skills on your part, so you are able to give it at least 3-4 hours a day.

This will not only keep you occupied and financially stronger, it will also give you a sense of direction and purpose which is what is currently lacking.

Also, if you have an option of a ‘nanny’ for even two hours during the day when the children can be kept busy, you can even have some time for yourself which will re-energize you.

Caring for two small children is no mean feat and make sure when you discuss the work-from-home option (If you choose this), with your husband, you emphasize how important it is for you along with managing the home.

The commitment ‘to do something for yourself’ will be the focus of your discussion and please do something before your frustrations start seeping out and get onto the kids which might eventually happen.

First, be happy yourself to nurture your home and family.

Step Up…All the best!


Anu Krishna880 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Jun 24, 2022

Asked on - Jun 24, 2022Hindi

Hello... I have been in a relationship since 10 years, not yet married.
My boyfriend is okay in all ways. But there is something that's bothering me a lot.
Whenever he is with his friends or family I just get angry and scold him whatever I like.
I don't like if he talks very close to his friends (male friends) or family.
He is trying his best to keep me happy, but I'm feeling insecure when he is with his friends and family.
To be honest even if he gives more importance and value to his family that makes me feel more angry.
I'm unable take this anymore.
After fights even I think why did I did like this, what's wrong with me?
I question myself after a fight.
I even think that I won't be doing this next time because even friends and family are important but it's doesn't work and he is fed up with me.
Whenever he is with friends or his family, I create something that's not true.
End of the day I'm crying, I'm loosing my happiness.
Waiting for an answer


Dear PS,

What are you worried about? That by spending time away from you or not involving you when he is in a social setting, he might forget you or move away from you?

After 10 years, why do you feel the need to cling on to him in insecurity and anxiety?

Time to give yourself some love and attention?

Become your best friend and pamper yourself with a lot of care instead of constantly expecting it from your relationship?

The more you become safe and secure with yourself, the less you will cling onto your partner.

Clinging on and ‘owning’ another person will only make them move away from you as no one likes to be controlled and dictated to.

Instead, why don’t you ask him about his day and who he met up with and genuinely try and integrate into his life?

In this way, he will want to engage more with you and invite you when he is with his friends and family?

When you watch him interact with others, instead of feeling insecure and jealous, can you think of appreciating what he has brought into your life and why the two of you have been together for 10 years?

Also, involve him into your life and life’s journey.

Playing the victim involves a lot of drama, but playing a liberated person involves no effort.

So love yourself and love your partner for who he is.

The change in your relationship and your state of mind will be almost magical.

Enjoy the moment and be happy!


Anu Krishna880 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Mar 17, 2022

Asked on - Mar 17, 2022Hindi

 Hi, Please guide me. I am into 10 years of married life with a son of 7 years, both are working...
It's an arranged marriage, but we got 6 months to know each other, initially as usual everything seems to be of roses but then comes with reality check..
We both are extremely incompatible.. our views, thoughts, interest, choices never match.
He has the habit of pin pointing on everything I do, it's hard to maintain my calm, as I have to manage school, my son, home everything. He helps in daily chores, we stand together in rough times but otherwise we can't discuss any situation with each other.
My mother in law also emotionally abuses me by hurling cheapest meanest nasty comments.
My parents never listen to me, they expect me to compromise... I'm tired, frustrated.. could you help?


Dear PS,

After a few years of marriage, reality can hit hard and then you realize that there are no commonalities between the two of you.

But isn’t that something to celebrate?

We would not be very happy with someone who is just like us. The differences bring in newness and a fresh outlook every moment. So, instead of focusing on the fact that you have nothing in common, why don’t both of you fix your eyes on what is good in the marriage and what each of you bring into each other’s lives?

A marriage therapist can guide you as this is something that they do day in and day out; by bringing awareness to what is beautiful in each other…

And kindly focus on your marriage. Your mother-in-law is simply reacting to the environment in the house and does what she knows.

Sometimes elders do not know the right way to deal with things that they never experienced.

When she sees her son stressed, she might feel it’s because of you and hurl abuses at you.

Each one is dealing with the situation in their own way. I suggest you focus on your marriage that is obviously important to you.

Do remember, storms may lash, but the ones who truly believe in the power of the Sun to relieve them, not only survive but thrive.

So believe that you have the strength to grow out of this and create a beautiful life. And you have mentioned that your husband and you stand together in rough times, so he is anyway going to be with you in this as well. Simply confide in him and grow together.

All the best!


Anu Krishna880 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Jan 27, 2022

Asked on - Jan 27, 2022Hindi


Dear Anu,
I want a solution for my problem that is the result of my imagination (probably).
My husband would travel along with his two office team mates in his car daily.
One male and one female.
The male member met with an accident and the lady continued going with my husband.
I developed a fear and some sort of insecurity about the two of them. Things started becoming worse day by day. Regular fights, arguments have become a daily routine.
I just wanted him to stop travelling with that Lady but he couldn't oblige to it saying it will hurt his image in office. I couldn't tolerate it and made a call (though caught by husband) to that lady. She understood my problem and stopped going with him.
His other team mates started asking the reason for the same. He couldn't digest it and even beaten me. He also started consuming alcohol just to abuse me and shout at me.
I convinced that lady to start travelling again with him
Then somehow he accepted me.
I do understand the things but still I feel he had cheated upon me. I feel lonely and helpless


Dear PS,

This is an unfortunate turn of events for a situation that needed an open communication between the two of you.

Now, why you were insecure or why your husband didn’t want to see your perspective is anybody’s guess! But nothing justifies his beating you.

And as for his alcohol consumption, it his choice to weaken his senses even further and not wanting to face the situation at hand. And it makes no sense whatsoever when you say that after the lady started to travel with him, he accepted you.

Why does he need another person to step in to accept you? This all points more as a thing that your husband needs to work on.

Possibly he is dealing with more insecurity than you are and hence this behaviour from him. Of course, I cannot judge him without knowing his version of the story, but if you want to get past this, it’s time to have that open communication; involve a third person who will be neutral to mediate and bring in some much-needed perspectives into your relationship.

All the best and be strong!

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