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HR, Workspace Expert - Answered on Aug 23, 2023

R P Yadav is the founder, chairman and managing director of Genius Consultants Limited, a 30-year-old human resources solutions company.
Over the years, he has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award from World HR Congress and HR Person Of The Year from Public Relations Council of India.
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Asked by Anonymous - Aug 22, 2023Translate

I am a content writer earning a decent salary. With ChatGPT and OpenAI how likely do you think AI can replace my job and career? Is it risky? What can I do to save my job? Would you recommend any skilling courses?

Ans: Hi,
Content writing is a very specialized skill. You can be part of a company for content writing using ChatGPT.
You can also do a crash course on ChatGPT and AI to enhance your career.

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Career Coach  |24 Answers  |Ask -

Workplace Expert - Answered on Dec 31, 2023

I am a software coder with 7 years of work experience. Is there a chance of my losing my job because of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT?
Ans: Hi Ashish,

As technology like AI and ChatGPT, transforms software development, here's what you should know about job security:

Automation and AI:
- AI helps with repetitive tasks, making work more efficient.
- It collaborates with developers rather than replacing them.

- Keep learning new tech trends, like AI and machine learning.
- Boost your job security by gaining expertise in growing areas.

Creativity Matters:
- AI has limits in creativity and problem-solving.
- Human skills in these areas are still crucial.

New Opportunities:
- Opportunities exist in developing and maintaining AI solutions.

Industry Demand:
- Skilled developers are still in demand, and their roles are evolving.

Diversify Skills:
- Learn in-demand areas like AI development or cybersecurity.

- Stay flexible and learn new technologies for a strong job market position.

Job Market Dynamics:
- Job security varies by industry and company.

Ethical Considerations:
- AI applications need ethical oversight, creating new roles.

Collaboration with AI:
- Use AI tools to enhance productivity and innovation.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities:
- Explore starting your venture or contributing to AI applications.

Stay Informed:
- Keep an eye on industry trends through conferences and networking.

In summary, while AI is changing the software world, it's a tool to enhance human capabilities. Stay adaptable, keep learning, and focus on high-demand skills for a secure and evolving career.
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