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Study Abroad Expert - Answered on Aug 04, 2023

Asked on - Aug 01, 2023

My daughter 24 years old wants to pursue her MS course in UK. She is B Tech (Mech). She has offers from a few univs in UK. As a parent, what factors I need to worry about her studies in UK. Is the country safe & sound and what are the dos & don'ts that one needs to be particularly careful about. By Bunty.
Ans: Dear Bunty,

To begin with, thank you for contacting us. Parental worry for your daughter's safety while she attends her MS program in the UK is quite understandable. International students frequently choose to study in UK because it is regarded as a safe, stable nation with a strong educational system. But just like anywhere else, there are some things to think about and some dos and don'ts to remember to ensure your daughter has a safe and fun time there:

1. Accommodation: Help your daughter locate safe housing close to her institution. For overseas students, on-campus housing is frequently available and should be taken into consideration.

2. Planning Your Budget: Ascertain that she has a well-thought-out budget and enough money to cover her living expenses, tuition, and any other unexpected costs.

3. Medical Insurance: Ensure she has complete health insurance coverage while in the UK. Some universities provide overseas students with health insurance policies.

4. Emergency Numbers: Provide your daughter with emergency contact information, viz., your phone number and that of the closest embassy or consulate.

5. Transportation: Familiarize your daughter with her city's public transportation system and educate her on travel safety precautions.

6. Campus Resources: Encourage her to become acquainted with the campus resources, support services, and student helplines offered to overseas students.

7. Cultural Awareness: Remind your daughter to observe UK cultural customs and standards with respect. Encourage her to appreciate variety and become familiar with British culture.

8. Socializing: To enhance her experience and create a network of allies, encourage her to make friends, join clubs or societies, and partake in university events.

9. Emergency Planning: Teach her what to do in the event of crises, viz., natural catastrophes or other unforeseen circumstances.

10. Time Management: Encourage her to prioritize her time wisely by juggling her academic, social life, and personal needs.

11. Travel Security: Remind her to be cautious when traveling, especially at night, and to avoid areas that are poorly lighted or secluded.

12. Personal Possessions: Encourage her to safeguard her possessions and remain alert at all times, especially in crowded areas.

13. Visa and Immigration Adherence: Make sure she is informed of her visa obligations and abides by all UK immigration laws while she is there.

While the UK is typically a safe place, it's still important to be on guard and take the appropriate safety measures everywhere you go. Your daughter can have a fruitful and fulfilling experience while pursuing her MS in the UK if she is well-informed and prepared. Maintain regular contact with her, offer support, and address any worries she may have to ensure she has a happy and fulfilling time overseas.

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