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Study Abroad Expert - Answered on Sep 26, 2023

Asked on - Sep 21, 2023Hindi

my daughter has completed her 3 years operation theatre and anesthesia technology and 1 year intern from SRM university, Chennai. Kindly suggest job opportunities in UK
Ans: Hello Elumalai,

First and foremost, thank you for getting in touch with us. A number of employment possibilities, I believe, can be opted for in the UK’s healthcare industry, by your daughter, considering her expertise in operation theatre and anesthesia technology, as well as her internship experience. They are as under:

1. Seek jobs as an Anesthesia Technician: Your daughter can possibly take up an Anesthesia Technician role that would require her to help anesthesiologists prepare and give anesthesia to patients prior to the surgery, and thereafter, monitor them during the process owing to her anesthesia technology expertise.

2. Job Opportunities as an Operating Theatre Technologist or Technician: Your daughter can also consider working as an Operating Theatre Technician/Technologist in hospitals. Here, she will be enthrusted with the responsibility of not only aiding medical teams in preparing operating rooms, but also making sure that all equipment is operating properly. She can benefit from her training and internship experience.

3. Working at Colleges/Universities: Your daughter, if interested in studying further or teaching, can look into job roles offered at colleges and universities that offer programs in healthcare.

4. NHS (National Health Service) Careers: Healthcare experts are offered numerous jobs by the NHS in the UK. Your daughter can take into account the jobs that have to offer for operating theaters and anesthesia departments positions.

5. Working at an Agency: To acquire work experience and examine diverse healthcare environments, a few people choose to take up agency or temporary work first.

6. Working at Private Hospitals and Clinics: Operation theatre and anesthesia technologists are also employed by privately run healthcare centres in the UK. Your daughter can search for job openings in private hospitals and clinics, at the location convenient to her.

7. Professional Connections: Your daughter should be a part of professional groups or networks, that are great places for both, career leads and networking possibilities for healthcare experts in the UK.

8. Companies dealing with Medical Equipment: People with an operation theatre and anesthesia technology background are recruited by businesses that deal with the manufacture and provision of medical equipment, for jobs that involve maintaining and supporting equipment.

9. Appearing for Certifications and Undergoing Registration: Considering the demands of the UK’s healthcare sector and your daughter’s credentials, I believe she would be required to complete specific certificate courses or may even need to go through specific procedures to register. An extensive study should be conducted and all the mandatory prerequisites should be met by her.

10. Curriculum Vitae and Letter of Motivation: The CV and the personal statement written by her, I recommend should outline her academics, certifications, prior work experience, and other pertinent abilities she possesses. Both these documents should be customised to suit each job application.

The UK’s immigration and work visa conditions should also be taken into account. Your daughter should adhere to the legal condition that are essential to seek jobs in the UK, and for the same, I recommend that she conducts research on the rules associated with UK immigration or gets in touch with experts.

She should also contact people with expertise in her field of study in the country to ease her search for jobs. Popular social media sites like LinkedIn, I believe, should be browsed by her as this platform can prove beneficial in building networks and keeping abreast with employment prospects in her field of interest.

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