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Insurance Expert - Answered on Jul 28, 2022

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My Oriental Mediclaim coverage is for Rs 5 lakh under Royal Mediclaim cashless scheme vide PNB. I have completed 36 months, a conditional requirement (a facility only for PNB customer).

In this regard I have a few questions...

Ans: Hi Anoop, thanks for sharing your queries, will take them one by one.

1. What's the meaning of 5 lakh coverage? Will I get a full 4.95 lakh for both knees transplant (my hospital package is costing 4.95 lakh from entry to exit)?

Sanjib Jha:  A coverage of 5 Lakh means your policy covers you up to 5 lakh and you can claim it. However, the coverage amount for knee transplant depends on insurer to insurer as few of the policies having certain capping on the coverage amount for such treatments.

2. When the hospital sent the proposal to TPA, only 2.47 lakh were provisional sanction. What's the meaning of provisional? I was told that the final amount will be settled once final bill is produced by the hospital. Does it mean that 4.9-2.47=2.43 lakh or so, will be settled and remitted to the hospital by Oriental insurance? 

Provisional Sanction amount is the amount that the insurer approves based on the ailment i.e., knee transplant in your case. The rest of the amount approval is provided based on the final bill generated by the hospital.

3. When I sought clarification from TPA, I was verbally told that now the final amount cannot be decided. Only after the final bill it can be. Nothing said on email. No replies from Oriental insurance of my email query.

For policies issued by Oriental, the claims are handled by TPA (Third Party Administrator). I advise you to raise the concerns to TPA via email or via TPA desk to get the clarification. Also, the insurer can provide the final approval after the final bill is generated by the insurer, deducting the non-approved cost as per policy terms & condition.

4. Hospital insists that I deposit 50% (2.5 lakh) cash from pocket before admission.

As it seems that the insurer has provided pre-approval for 2.47 lakh, the rest amount you will have pay to the hospital & the same will get approved by the insurer once the final bill is generated by the hospital.

5. If I have to pay cash, then where is the cashless scheme?

I advise you to check the terms of your policy. Often certain treatments are not covered in particular policies, which is why it is extremely important to read your policy document thoroughly and ask all your queries to the agent/Insurer before purchase. For specific ailments, there are add-ons offered by insurers and accordingly one should opt for those add-ons.

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