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Mutual Funds, Financial Planning Expert - Answered on May 24, 2024

Asked on - May 21, 2024Hindi

Dear sir, have a very warm day to you. I ANS now 32, currently working as assistant professor in a college( recently joined). I have a lic term insurance with term plan of 40 lac sum.imsured at my age of 60 Currently I have around 6.5 lac in my NPS. I have a son (2 month old) now. My net salary around 75k currently which may further increases as the time.My wife is also working and she also earned around 40 k now I have a loan of around 2.5 lac which I have to pay in a year. I want to get a corpus of around 5 cr at the time of my retirement and also have to secure at least 25-40 lac for my son higher education. Now, my request is that please tell me some better plans for the better future of my family and me when I will be retired from my job as well as to secure the education support of my child
Ans: Securing Your Family's Future: Financial Planning for Long-Term Goals
Dear ANS, congratulations on the newest addition to your family and your commitment to securing their future. Let’s explore some effective financial strategies to achieve your goals of retirement planning and providing for your son’s education.

Current Financial Overview
Income and Expenses
You and your wife collectively earn around ?1.15 lakhs per month, with the potential for future salary increases.
You have a manageable loan of ?2.5 lakhs, which will be paid off within a year.
Savings and Investments
You have a LIC term insurance plan providing coverage of ?40 lakhs until the age of 60.
Your NPS balance is approximately ?6.5 lakhs, providing a foundation for retirement savings.
Planning for Retirement: Building a Corpus of ?5 Crores
Retirement Age: Assumed at 60
Determine your desired retirement age and estimate your post-retirement expenses based on your current lifestyle and inflation projections.
Retirement Corpus Calculation
Calculate the corpus required to maintain your desired lifestyle post-retirement, considering inflation and expected longevity.
Strategies for Retirement Planning
1. Increase Retirement Savings
Maximize contributions to your NPS account to benefit from tax benefits and build a substantial retirement corpus.
Consider diversifying retirement savings by investing in other tax-efficient instruments like PPF and ELSS mutual funds.
2. Regular Financial Reviews
Regularly review and reassess your retirement goals and investment strategy to ensure they remain aligned with your evolving financial situation and objectives.
Education Planning: Securing ?25-40 Lakhs for Your Son’s Education
Estimated Education Cost: Consider Inflation
Estimate the future cost of your son’s higher education, factoring in inflation and the duration until he starts college.
Education Fund Accumulation
Start a dedicated education fund for your son’s future expenses, such as a combination of mutual funds, SIPs, and fixed deposits.
Gradually increase contributions to this fund over time to meet the desired corpus by the time he begins his education.
Risk Management and Contingency Planning
Emergency Fund
Maintain an emergency fund equivalent to at least six months' worth of living expenses to cover unforeseen financial setbacks.
Adequate Insurance Coverage
Review your insurance coverage regularly and consider increasing the sum assured on your term insurance policy to ensure adequate protection for your family's financial security.
Long-Term Wealth Creation Strategies
Diversified Investment Portfolio
Build a diversified investment portfolio comprising equities, mutual funds, and fixed income instruments to achieve long-term wealth creation goals.
Professional Financial Advice
Consult with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to develop a comprehensive financial plan tailored to your specific needs, goals, and risk tolerance.
A CFP can provide personalized guidance, investment recommendations, and ongoing portfolio management to help you achieve your financial objectives.
Conclusion: Working Towards a Brighter Future
ANS, by implementing these strategies and staying disciplined in your financial planning, you can work towards achieving your long-term goals of a comfortable retirement and securing your son's education. Remember to review and adjust your financial plan periodically to adapt to changing circumstances and ensure you remain on track to meet your objectives.

Best Regards,

K. Ramalingam, MBA, CFP,

Chief Financial Planner,

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