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Entrepreneurship Expert - Answered on Aug 24, 2023

Asked on - Jul 03, 2023Hindi

i am a technical operator and want involve in business, what will suitable for me kindly suggest
Ans: Step 1: Start with a perfect sphere name Every online steal sell business platform should have a catchy sphere name that will help in getting further business. Callers should be suitable to flash back your sphere name so that they can fluently class and enter without any difficulty. So, you need to make sure your sphere name is short and simple and it should hold your business or brand name that will make it easy for you to get better brand recognition.

Step 2: Choose the Perfect Classified Platform Once you finalize the sphere name, the coming process will be choosing the perfect platform to make your business. The platform should be stoner-friendly and also mobile responsive. You need to check all modules that will support your business operations and will help you to reach your deals target. Make sure that the platform is SSL certified and that it protects the entire stoner data from all malware attacks.

Step 3: Install themes and plugins to simplify your business operations, you need to add further plugins that are available online. Each platform you choose for your business will support certain plugins and utmost of them will be free of cost. You can download them and integrate them with your business. Along with plugins, you'll also find themes for download. You can use them to customize the look and sense of your platform and make it more charming to your follower ship.

Step 4: Focus on your content now you have framed your platform well. The coming process is to fill the applicable content that will explain your business, your products, and your services. You need to have a perfect content operation system that will snare the attention of your target follower ship and will get you better business to your website. A clear product description will help the buyer to understand further about the product and will make him decide on buying it. This is possible only through effective content.

Step 5: Make sure that all features are present Features play a pivotal part in determining the success of your e Commerce website. When you suppose about how to make a website like OLX, the first thing that should come to your mind is its features. OLX has gained further druggies substantially because of its unstoppable features. The client- eccentric features have helped the platform gain credibility among its follower ship. Let us check out the must-have-have features that are to be integrated while erecting a website like OLX. Simple stoner enrollment that will let all stoner groups fluently register themselves. Advanced hunt and filtering option to find the product in a many clicks. Add favorite products to the wain that will help buyers to buy them latterly when demanded. Multiple payment options let buyers choose the bone that's comfortable for them to pay. Simplified order operation that will support on- time delivery. The review and standing system will support guests to partake their feedback. Social media sharing is veritably essential for guests to post them on their social runners. Hunt machine optimized platform to get better hunt machine runner ranking. seductive UI and UX to get better business. Stylish lading speed to reduce the brio rate of the platform. In- erected marketing tools for branding and creation. Advanced analytic and reporting features to know the performance of the business.

Step 6: Move your website live After setting all features, modules, plugins, and add- ons, it’s high time to launch your platform online and start your business effectively. For this, you need to calculate on a perfect hosting service provider. Choose the stylish service that can give you a better lading speed and can help you in backing up all your client data periodically. Check for their client support because you need to be sure that your website will be live without any interruption.

Step 7: Monetize your website You need to understand that you won't get orders or start earning incontinent after launching your platform online. You need to increase your profit channels that will assure your of better returns. piecemeal from the commission, you'll get on each order, you need to have numerous further profit sources that will increase your income. Featured Advertisements Listing figure Third-party announcements Pay to post chapter modules Premium figure You need to have all the below in your ecommerce software so that you can earn well like OLX. How important Does it Cost to Make a Website Like OLX When you work on how to make a website like OLX, the first question that arises in your mind will be the cost of the development. You can be a incipience or an SME or indeed a commercial, without knowing the cost you can not decide anything. We need to know the going and should arrange finances consequently. numerous pivotal factors are involved in estimating the cost of the development of a website like OLX. The UI and UX you prefer Number of druggies who'll be involved in using the platform professed inventors Hosting cost conservation cost Branding and creation cost All the below-mentioned aspects should be per-planned if you want to know about the cost. druggies can also go for a ready made result that will have all power-packed features and it'll be ready- to-launch. This will be more cost-effective when compared to the bone that's erected from scrape.
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