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Study Abroad Expert - Answered on Apr 20, 2023

Asked on - Apr 18, 2023Hindi

My son has done his BBCA from MIT (ATSC affiliated to Pune University) and was placed with an MNC AMDOCS Pune where he would complete two years of job ex in Aug 23. We are of the opinion that he should do his masters from some good college in Australia, Ireland or Germany. 1. Which country would you recommend (is there widespread racism in the last mentioned?)? 2. Should he apply for a job in these countries and do his masters part time or study full time and work part time?
Ans: Hello Ajoy,

To begin with, thank you for contacting us. The following details could be useful:

1. The choice of a country for master's study depends on a number of variables, such as the standard of education, employment prospects, cost of living, and cultural milieu. International students seeking higher education often choose to study in Australia, Ireland, or Germany. Each country has its unique set of advantages and disadvantages:
• Australia: Australia, which is renowned for its excellent educational system and diversified cultural environment, places a heavy focus on research and innovation. While racism does exist in some Australian communities, it is not pervasive, and the majority of colleges have policies in place to support diversity and inclusivity.

• Ireland: Ireland is renowned for its extensive literary and cultural past, and its educational system is well-regarded. Racism does occur in some nations, including Ireland, however it is typically thought to be less pervasive than in some other nations.

• Germany: German universities are well-known for their robust engineering and technology programs, and several of them offer courses in English. Although isolated acts of racism and discrimination might happen anywhere, Germany has stringent laws against them.

When selecting a country for master's degree study, it's crucial to conduct extensive research and take into account a variety of aspects, including racism. It is advised to speak with current students, former students, or academic advisors to better understand the cultural setting and experiences of international students in these nations.

1. Depending on his individual circumstances, aspirations, and master’s program requirements, your son should decide whether to work part-time while pursuing his degree full-time or the other way around. While some master's programs may be rigorous and need full-time dedication, others may allow flexibility for part-time employment. Prior to making a choice, it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the prerequisites and workload of the master's program, as well as your son's career objectives and financial position. Furthermore, acquiring a job in a foreign nation may be contingent on issues such as language skills, work permits, and employment market conditions, all of which should be considered. Consultation with academic advisors, career counselors, or immigration advisors can provide valuable guidance in making this decision.

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