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HR Expert - Answered on Aug 22, 2023

Asked on - Aug 22, 2023Hindi

sir, my son is LLM in international law from Brussels . But find difficult placement in india as well outside. being father in concern i m worried . would like to know if law career is wrong choice to get settle .
Ans: I understand your concerns about your son's career prospects in international law. It's natural for parents to worry about their child's future, especially when it comes to career choices. International law is a highly specialized field that can offer rewarding opportunities, but like any profession, success can depend on various factors.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Specialization and Niche Expertise: International law is a complex and competitive field. Having a specialized skill set or focusing on a niche area within international law can make your son stand out. Whether it's human rights, trade law, environmental law, or something else, finding a unique area of expertise can improve his prospects.

Networking and Internships: Connections within the legal community are invaluable. Encourage your son to attend conferences, workshops, and seminars related to international law. Internships, whether paid or unpaid, can also provide him with practical experience and valuable contacts.

Location Flexibility: International law often involves working with governments, NGOs, multinational corporations, and international organizations. Being open to working in different geographical locations can increase his chances of finding suitable opportunities.

Further Education: Depending on his specific interests, pursuing further education such as a Ph.D. or specialized postgraduate courses might enhance his qualifications and marketability.

Adaptability and Multilingualism: International law often requires working with diverse cultures and languages. Proficiency in multiple languages and an ability to adapt to different legal systems can be advantageous.

Consult Career Advisors: Many universities and professional organizations offer career counseling services. Encourage your son to utilize these resources to explore different avenues and receive guidance on how to navigate the job market effectively.

Online Presence: Maintaining a professional online presence, such as a LinkedIn profile, can help showcase his skills and accomplishments to potential employers.

Persistence and Patience: The job search process can be challenging, especially in specialized fields. Encourage your son to remain persistent, patient, and open to different opportunities that might arise.

Remember that success in any career is a combination of individual effort, timing, and external factors. While the journey might be challenging, a career in international law can indeed be fulfilling and impactful. It's essential to support your son's aspirations while providing guidance and realistic expectations.

Abhishek Shah
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