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Tax, Mutual Fund Expert - Answered on Apr 20, 2023

Asked on - Apr 07, 2023Hindi

My name is Santosh Roy 47years I'm investing in following MFs. 1. Axis Bluechip Fund -- Rs 1,000/month 2. ICICI prudential focused Bluechip fund-Rs.1000/month 3. Kotak Small Cap Fund -- Rs 2,000/month 4. Mirae Asset Largecap Fund -- Rs 1000/month 5.Nippon India Small Cap Fund -- Rs 2500/month 6.Kotak Flexi Cap Fund -- Rs 4000/month. 7. Quant active fund- Rs.2000/month 8. UTI Nifty 50 index fund- Rs.2000/month 9. Canara robeco flexi cap fund - Rs.2000/month My investment horizon is 15 years, moderately high risk appetite with focus on maximum corpus build. Kindly advise if my portfolio needs any change? Thanks.
Ans: Dear Santosh,

Thank you for sharing your mutual fund investments with me. It's great to see that you've been proactive in planning for your future. Based on the details provided, I understand that you have a moderately high risk appetite and are looking to build a maximum corpus over a 15-year investment horizon.

Your current portfolio has a good mix of large-cap, small-cap, flexi-cap, and index funds, which is important for diversification. I do have a few suggestions to consider for optimizing your portfolio:

Axis Bluechip Fund and ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Fund: As both funds are focused on large-cap stocks, you might consider consolidating these investments into one fund. You can choose the one you feel has the better performance and management. This will help you streamline your portfolio and minimize overlap.
Kotak Small Cap Fund and Nippon India Small Cap Fund: Similarly, you have two small-cap funds, and you might want to consider consolidating these investments as well. This will reduce redundancy and allow you to focus on the best-performing small-cap fund.
UTI Nifty 50 Index Fund: Since you already have exposure to large-cap funds, you could consider increasing your investment in this index fund, as it's a low-cost option to gain access to the top 50 companies in India. This will help in maintaining diversification while keeping costs low.
Quant Active Fund: This fund has a unique investment approach and might add some unpredictability to your portfolio. You could consider reallocating the funds invested in this scheme to the other funds you hold, which have a more consistent track record.
After you make these adjustments, you could reallocate the funds saved from consolidation into the remaining funds based on your risk appetite and return expectations. For instance, you can increase your allocation to the flexi-cap and small-cap funds if you're comfortable with higher risk for potentially higher returns.

Lastly, it's crucial to periodically review your portfolio and make adjustments as needed. As your goals, risk appetite, and market conditions change, you may need to rebalance your investments to ensure they remain aligned with your objectives.

Please note that these suggestions are based on the limited information provided and should not be considered as personalized financial advice. I strongly recommend consulting a professional financial advisor before making any significant changes to your investment portfolio.

Best of luck with your investments!

Warm regards
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