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Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Mar 03, 2023

Asked on - Mar 03, 2023Hindi

My friend wife is abusing all the time even my friend tried all the time to passify it but could not succeed .She tried to insult all the time to my friend My friend is a retired from service and getting good amount of pension .My friend wife nature is rude and cruel when she abuses to my friend my friend tries to passify it even my friend shut his ear . My friend nature is cool mind .please help and advice
Ans: If your friend's wife is being rude and abusive towards your retired friends, it is important to address the situation in a respectful and tactful manner. Here are some steps you can take:

Talk to your friend: It is important to first talk to your friend and express your concerns about their wife's behavior. Be honest and direct but also compassionate and non-judgmental. Let your friend know how their wife's behavior is affecting your retired friends.

Encourage your friend to talk to his wife: Your friend needs to take responsibility for his wife's behavior and talk to her about it. Encourage him to have an open and honest conversation with her and express how her behavior is impacting others.

Set boundaries: If your friend's wife's behavior continues, it may be necessary to set boundaries. This could mean limiting your interactions with her or avoiding her altogether. Make sure to communicate these boundaries clearly and respectfully to your friend.

Support your retired friends: Make sure to show support for your retired friends and let them know that you do not condone the behavior they are experiencing. Be there for them and offer any assistance or resources that they may need.

Consider seeking professional help: If the situation continues to escalate or if your friend's wife is showing signs of abuse, it may be necessary to seek professional help. This could mean seeking counseling for your friend and his wife or involving the authorities if necessary.

Remember that it is important to approach this situation with empathy and understanding for all parties involved. While it may be difficult to address this situation, it is important to take action to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity.
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