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Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Oct 06, 2020

Asked on - Oct 06, 2020

Dear ma'am, I am going through a tough mental state right now. I do not know what state is this. It may be fear, lack of confidence or anything else.

On 25th November 2019 I underwent surgery for anal fissure and piles.

It took a long time to heal as I was suffering from constipation even after surgery.

Every morning i would have a trauma like situation before going to bathroom. My stool would be hard enough to pass with blood both before and after surgery.

I generally get nervous after seeing blood. In the meantime surgery has been healed.

Even today I have constipation.

I suffered from rhinitis like situation after surgery by consuming fruits and curd to make stool soft. feel difficulty in breathing

With these medical conditions I developed a mental condition at which i always feel sick myself. No mood or energy to do anything. Fearing for life.

When I wake up in midnight it gets very tough again to sleep. I sweat a lot.

There is so much negative thought in my mind at night. I feel heavy in my head. I fear every sound I hear which disturbs and terrifies me.

I consulted a psychiatrist 7 days ago; he told me that it is fear and lack of confidence. He has given me medicines to overcome fear.

Kindly suggest ma'am at which state I am and help me. I am actually obsessed with my health and my life.

Every moment I feel I would die. Nervousness grips me. I have lost weight of around 18 kg post surgery.

Ans: Dear BS, I can only imagine what you are going through and I truly hope that you feel better soon.

Fear is what can increase your physical symptoms and you will feel ill. Which is what is happening to you!

All the sounds and thoughts are a result of overworking the mind with your health and fearing the worst.

But do ask yourself: What if I have actually recovered? 

It will be good to know when this problem exactly began; what triggered it. If there is an event or a situation that caused it, then you know you might have to work on that.

Sometimes, fear makes children’s stool hard too and as doctors treat constipation, it is also necessary not to keep being fearful of it.

I know the surgery might have made it worse in the mind which is why I suggest start waking up every morning by believing that your surgery has worked and that you are fully recovered.

The simple belief instilled in your mind can work wonders by positively influencing your body to support your whole health. Also, calm the mind with meditation and exercises to keep the body supple and healthy.

To keep the stools soft, eat a lot of food that high roughage content. Slowly, you will see your mood and energy come back and feel a lot better.

All in all, believe that you are healing. Wishing you a wonderful health.

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