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Financial Planner - Answered on Jan 30, 2023

Asked on - Jan 14, 2023

Aged 47 Years, I am planning for a retirement fund of Rs3 Cr. Please guide.
Ans: Assuming that you have 13 years to retire, it would be good for you to invest in equity products and then use 4-bucket strategy for generating the required regular income for your retirement needs. You can read here about the bucket strategy: https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/personal-finance/bucket-strategies-to-plan-income-from-retirement-corpus-9541101.html

You will need to invest about Rs 21,000 per month to reach your target of Rs 1 Crore in 13 years if you invest in a good portfolio of equity mutual funds. I would recommend you to stay away from direct equity if you do not have a prior knowledge and experience of stock market investing. And you would have a much bigger corpus at your disposal, if you increase this monthly investment by about 10% per year as your salary increase.

But please remember that:-
1. You should be comfortable with investing in stock markets and its regular gyrations.
2. Do not attempt to time the market by trying to get out or get it at any supposedly ‘opportune’ moments – it doesn’t work so.
3. Inflation at about 6% per year will continuously deplete the value of your money. SO be very sure that your calculation of Rs 1 Crore is sufficient to give you the required monthly income month-after-month. Eg, if you require Rs 50,000 today for your monthly expenses, 13 years later, you will require you will require about Rs 1.07 Lakhs for the same standard of living.


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