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Sanjeev Govila458 Answers  |Ask -

Financial Planner - Answered on Oct 29, 2023

Asked on - Oct 23, 2023Hindi

My Name is Shashank, I'm a teacher, My EPF was deducted in previoys school but in my currect school no such dedu tion is done, Only few teachers EPF whose salary was 12000 five years ago was deducted, Now current salary of those teachers is what was mine at that time but still their EPF is deducted, I'm told that i should hv given my EPF number at that time then domething could hv been done but nothing can be done now,Kindly guide me if anything can be done now to start deducting it, Other teachers are unaware of such type of things, Kindly help, Regards
Ans: Dear Shashank,
If you are a teacher in a private school and your salary is more than Rs. 15,000 per month, then your employer is legally required to deduct EPF from your salary.

If you have not given your EPF number to your current school, you can still do so. This will allow them to start deducting EPF from your salary and crediting it to your EPF account.

Here are the steps you can take:-

1. Talk to your school's payroll administrator. Let them know that you want to start deducting your EPF and that you have an EPF account from your previous school.

2. Provide your school's payroll administrator with your EPF number. You can find your EPF number on your EPF passbook or by logging into your EPF account online.

3. Ask 12% of your basic your school's payroll administrator to start deducting salary towards EPF. Your employer will also contribute 12% of your basic salary towards EPF.

It is important to note that your employer cannot deduct EPF from your salary retrospectively. This means that you will not be able to get EPF contributions for the period of time that your employer was not deducting them. However, by taking the steps above, you can ensure that your employer starts deducting EPF from your salary now and that you are able to benefit from this scheme.

Ravi Mittal260 Answers  |Ask -

Dating, Relationships Expert - Answered on May 19, 2023

Asked on - May 12, 2023Hindi

I'm 48 years old never married guy. I once suffered from rare cancer which is cured now. Also hv epilepsy whose treatment will go life long. Doctor says that i should disclose my health issue with whom I'm thinking of getting married but no one takes talks further. I'm infact ready for divorcee or widow too but failed. Some ppl reject me as my salary is mot much, some says that i dont hv my own hm etc but i hv many friens who are getting less salary but are happily married. My whole family if highly educated although I'm also pg but still get rejected. My dad expired n was too worried for my marriage. Now my mother is with me n i dont know what to do. I hv spend approx 35k on matrimonial advertisements but got no success. Im currently in touch with girl for last 1+ year but dont know whether she likes me or not although i hd expressed my feelings to her many times but she never respond n get silent on that. Kindly help whether i should approach this girl or leave her. I like this girl very much. Should i still search for a bride or leave this issue. Kindly help.
Ans: Dear Shashank,

If you have been straightforward about your feelings for this woman and expressed the same and yet she has never reciprocated it even once so far, it might be because she does not feel the same about it. I'd suggest you talk to her about this. Instead of leaving it open-ended, like "I like you," and letting her react to it, be direct. For instance, "I like you. What about you? Do you like me?" Being direct would definitively fetch you some real answers. If she replies to your question, there you go; you have your answer. If she ignores it still, you can safely assume that she doesn't feel the same way as you do. Don't delay this; ask her as soon as possible. Stretching a relationship that ultimately leads to a dead-end will harm your peace and happiness in the longer run.
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