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Dating, Relationships Expert - Answered on May 31, 2024

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Asked by Anonymous - May 30, 2024Hindi

Hi sir , i am single (age 31) and lives in India , but i am looking only USA punjabi girls , i tried famous Matrimonial apps like shaadi , jevensathi etc but most of usa girls' profiles are Fake there and some are non serious. , So , please tell me name of best matrimonial apps who are only of USA punjabi girls or any other way to find life partner from US except Advt.

Ans: Dear Anonymous,

I can assure you that all the apps that you mentioned using are not at fault. Every dating and matrimony app tries its best to maintain a safe and clean platform eliminating scammers and fake profiles. Some still make it through. I am glad you were on to them before it was too late. Having said that, I can not really help you with the names of matrimonial apps from the USA. But I can tell you how to secure the right match and stay clear of fake profiles.

You can write a clear bio where you mention what you want- the type of partner, type of relationship, and more; you can also clearly mention that you are looking to get married and are serious about it, so anyone looking for a casual relationship please do not contact.

Next, once you secure a match, you can check if it's a fake profile. Do a reverse image search of their profile picture and see if they have stolen someone else's image from the web. You can check for their social media presence. Almost everyone in today's date has an active social media presence. You can also check for genuineness while chatting-
• Request for a video call. If they refuse once, it's almost normal. But if they continually keep rejecting your request, it might be a fake profile.
• Try bringing up a topic you discussed the day before. Fake users scam many people at a time. It is possible that they won't be able to recall.
• You can request to speak to their parents. Since you are matching for marriage, involving the parents is quite normal. If the user seems hesitant, they might be fake or might not be serious.

Try these methods and if anything seems amiss, unmatch and move on. A match is not a commitment. You don't have to waste time verifying a match's authenticity for too long.

Hope this helps.

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Ravi Mittal  |260 Answers  |Ask -

Dating, Relationships Expert - Answered on Mar 18, 2024

Hello sir ,, i am Btech degree holder 31 year unmarried boy from Punjab, India . I wanna to look girl only from USA who should be USA citizen. I tried two dating apps also since last 3 years , i sent interest to all types of profiles such as unmarried girls, divorced girls , widowed , out of caste girls , out of religion girls , but i didnot get any avail from anyone. I am serious and good looking. Please , tell me any solution , how can i connect with USA families who are seriously looking for marriage Plz tell me ,, i am in totally confusion . I will be thankful to you if you will guide me in right way sir , plz
Ans: Dear Harpreet,

I understand that it can get frustrating when things don't work out at the pace we want them to, but don't rush with such important things as love and relationships. You are only 31. Take your time. Here's my suggestion-

Write a very engaging BIO that tells everything that is to know about you and most importantly, the fact that you are looking for a serious relationship and someone settled in the USA. This way, you can eliminate people who are not interested in serious relationships and are not from your preferred location. You can also attract the right kind of people if you mention the things you want in your partner and also everything that you have to offer in a relationship. Research a little and find dating apps that cater mostly to users looking for exclusive relationships that would lead to marriage. Join the one that seems suitable for your needs. One more thing, do not focus on the quantity of matches. Focus on the quality. You don't need ten matches to find the perfect one.

Just a gentle reminder, sometimes good things take time. I understand completely that you are feeling restless but take a breath. Focus on your friends and family for a while. Focus on yourself. Once you feel this dating fatigue calming down, come back to the game recharged. I am sure you will find your match soon.

Best Wishes!

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