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Dating, Relationships Expert - Answered on Jun 14, 2024

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Asked by Anonymous - May 07, 2024Hindi

Hi I am a 35-year-old woman and my husband is 45. we are made for each other couple. we love each other and we do not have any compatibility issues except in romance. he is not very romantic and even throughout my younger years I was also not very romantic and immersed myself in studies and career. He is not very active in sex also. A few years back I told him that I wanted to be romantic after marriage and now we are not, so I missed my college and early office days when I was in my prime and could have been romantically involved with guys. Since I look very young even at 35, he suggested that I still can move around with guys and get romantic and I need not miss anything even now. though initially declining the offer, I moved a little freely toward men, mostly colleagues, and a few social club members. I encouraged late-night messages, coffee meets, movies, etc. I update my husband on every single event that happens. ex, if I went to a movie with a colleague, I will message my hubby " We kissed", if that happened. he encourages me so much and is happy with whatever is happening, cutting a long story short. though I didn't think it would go so far, I am now romantically very active. soft romance-like messages I do with many. Dating I don't say no to my known circle like colleagues, ex-colleagues, college mates, etc and almost 2-3 times a week I end up dating someone in a coffee shop, pub, or a long drive. A few times I initiate a date too. and I must confess that I have regular intimacy with four young men, all from the same office where I work. I have never hidden anything from my hubby and give a complete account every day. I offered to stop everything any moment he said. but he told me till age is there enjoy life!. I am emotionally connected to my husband only and I do all my responsibilities as a woman. Our relationship has grown manifold. My only question is, am I exploiting my husband's innocence or does he have a cuckold fantasy? If I continue the way I continue with no harm to anyone, can I keep doing it ( I love to). or I should stop at once?

Ans: Dear Anonymous,

After reading your question I understood that your partner and you have, what we call, an open relationship. As long as both partners are okay with the dynamics of it, and no one is emotionally hurt, or resisting, it should be okay. It isn't exploitation if your husband himself encourages you. You are both consenting adults and not harming each other or anyone else. As for your question, if he has a cuckold fantasy, that is something you should discuss with your husband. An open discussion is better than speculation. Also, at any time if you suspect that your husband is growing concerned about the nature of your relationship, ask him directly. It can help avoid misunderstandings.

Best Wishes

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Anu Krishna  |1040 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Apr 27, 2022

Hello Anu ma’am, I’m 30 years old female, working at an IT firm. I have been married for a year now. The marriage with my husband was arranged by our family members. I met him 2 months before we got married. We talked more during that period and the conversations were always pleasant and I felt care in them and finally made the decision that he is my match. Once we got married, things were good-to-okay in the first few months. I used to live with my in-laws and slowly noticed that he is moving away little by little. My connection with him started to feel weak. He and his mother would stop talking when I entered the room. I had to help more with house chores. I tried quite a lot to keep up with in-laws, husband, and work but soon sensed that mother in law and son have teamed up against me and everything I did was never satisfactory. The first thing that came up to my mind was to move out of the house with my husband and to start our relationship afresh. He didn’t like the idea and for my work reasons, I moved out and to the city where I work (which is a 3-hour drive from where he lives). This made the connection even worse. I used to go see him once or twice in a month but the relationship felt strained so I moved back within 3 months. Around this time he downloaded some dating apps on his mobile. When I asked him about it he said he downloaded out of curiosity and didn’t use it, but I can feel the change in him. Within 2 months I started to realise he’s being secretive with his phone or iPad and is spending a lot of time with them either texting or calls. I also noticed that he is talking to someone during the night while he is sleeping next to me. I felt betrayed and shattered to my core. All the things I learnt for him, all the things that I have done for him and his family, all the time and energy I have spent felt useless. When I confronted him he never accepted it and says it’s all in my head. I gave him some time leaving it aside thinking he would bounce back once he is done with it. So I asked him to move in with me so we could bond and spend time alone. We moved in together finally but things didn’t go as I expected. When I leave for work he would either go meet the woman or worse bring her home. He continued it and I ran out of patience. I talked about it with my family and his. My family supports my decision with whatever I would want to do and his family would back him up saying that they have brought their son up my utmost values and he wouldn’t do such a thing. So finally they have sent us back to our homes hoping things will be fine. He still talks to the woman every night and God knows how many times I cannot make it out in the day time. I’m sorry it’s a long read for you but I wasn’t sure what to express and what not to, for you to help me with a suggestion.I have tried to catch his act using technology but he is too clever to be caught. Trust me, I’m a tech lead at an IT firm and I have tried a lot of methods to catch him but all of them are valid-invalid proofs and he is quite a story teller to make them all look null.I feel nothing inside most of the times and simply want to come out of this but not without showing his true form. For once, I want to win. Win huge this way. If you can help me out I will be grateful for that. Please keep me anonymous if you could.Thanks a lot for reading this.

Dear TK,

Thank you for sharing so clearly; it certainly helps me guide in the best possible manner.

If you feel that he is infidel, the there is no necessity to go around looking for proof.

What will proving that give you?

Even if you showed it all to his parents what is the guarantee that they will not turn it around and blame you for it?

That you should not have moved out and that’s why he needed the comfort of other women.

Quit focusing on proving his infidelity and focus on more what you want at this point in time.

Do you want to continue in this marriage?

If NO, exit in the most graceful manner because the stress from all the pulling down or Win that you are looking for is strenuous and of no use. It will only appease your EGO which anyway is short-lived.

But of course, if you are in the process of negotiating terms during divorce proceedings; this proof maybe valuable to have a better WIN. I hope I have succeeded in differentiating both types of WINs so you get a clearer picture.

Now coming to how you must deal with your mind space is as simple as listing down what is important to you.

Is it dwelling on what he does or emphasizing more on what you can do?

When it’s the latter, you will think and act in a manner that looks out for you and how you can keep yourself in an optimum mind space.

So, start focusing on what makes you happy and stick to that.

When you are ready to move on, make it graceful and if there seems to be a problem with negotiation, the proof that you have collected with a sane sense of mind will come in handy.

I assume that there are no children involved but if there are, take into consideration how they will cope with any decision of yours.

Bottom Line: Learn to live your life and focus on what’s important. I am confident that you can do this NOW.

All the best for a beautiful mind space!

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Anu Krishna  |1040 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Jul 22, 2022

Hi Anu, it's been 5 years of my marriage. From the last few months I am feeling disconnected from my husband. I ask him about it. He mentioned that he met a guy somewhere in November and had a one-night stand with him. He explained to me the initiation was from him and that he likes him. After few days of conversation with him my husband started having feelings for him. But it was for limited time period coz that guy was trying on someone else or many others (according to my husband) A few days earlier he mentioned that he is being confused if he is gay or straight. He now has feeling for another guy but he has a family and sees him as friend. My husband is continuously telling me to understand him. He needs to find him etc etc... And deep down I know he has no future with any other man. He doesn't feel any physical attraction towards me (it's what I think). I do like him. Physically also. But he doesn't. We don't have any child. He is 36, I am 34.Now I am super confused what to do. I do love him. Please help.

Dear KS,

It’s still unfortunate largely in our country and in few other places outside of India, sexual preferences and orientation is still considered a taboo or something to shoved under the carpet.

It’s treated as an illness that will go away like a cold and fever.

Your marriage possibly comes under this confusion and hence both you and your husband are struggling.

He never got a chance to figure out which gender he leans into more maybe due to societal pressure or from family; and it has surfaced after marriage.

For you, it feels like you have been cheated and though you love him, do know that it might not be a marriage that might work especially if he chooses to root himself to his current sexual orientation.

I suggest you weigh out the pros and cons of being in this marriage and have a frank discussion with your husband.

If he has nothing to offer to you and in this marriage, you know what is to be done.

Whatever it be, do know that this has happened at the right time; just imagine the confusions if there were children in the picture.

If after the discussion, it was just something that he experimented with, I guess there might be scope to grow into the marriage.

Have that discussion and do that NOW; a lot will ease.

Yes, it perhaps might be a heartbreak, but better to MOVE either way.

Be strong and all the best!

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Anu Krishna  |1040 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Jul 16, 2023

Asked by Anonymous - Jul 08, 2023Hindi
Hi Anu, I'm 53 years and have been married for the past 27 years. I have a 25 year daughter. I am well educated (MBA) and my husband has just barely passed his BA. My husband used to be very short tempered and shout at me for every other thing since the beginning of our marriage. Also he used to do the same to our daughter. He also has a thing for women other than me/daughter...He loves staring at servants especially when they bend down, or while travelling in a train he likes watching girls/ladies climbing on the upper berth, or peeping into an autorickshaw to check out the lady inside. He also loves helping out ladies, (like their saviour) and will go to any extent even late at night to help them out (like carrying a sick colleague to the doctor, or finding a PG for a female person). He has even gone on tour with his lady colleague and called her home for office work when I and my daughter were at our native. Also he has given rides to female colleagues on the back of his scooter. He loves chatting up receptionists (be it at the doctor's or any other office) and joking with them. He is also obsessive with the personal problems of his brothers/their wives and their kids...giving them far more importance over and above us. Especially since the past 2 years when he lost his job due to corona pandemic, he has time now and will call them day in and day out trying to solve their problems and has also prayed ceaselessly for them, asked various astrologers for parihara for their problems etc. He is not at all worried about his own family facing a breakdown and no income. He is trying to start a cool-drink business with his partner but that is getting delayed because of the rainy season. I had visited a psychiatrist many years ago and he said I shouldn't take it so personally since this happens all the time where men and women interact in office and we can't prevent it. But I believe he is excessive in his interest in the opp sex, and he also treats me in a demeaning/derogatory manner...like trying to dominate over me and suppress me through the tone of his voice and shouting and trying to be one up. I have borne all this for 27 years for my daughter's sake and now that she is independent, I would like to separate from him for my own mental and physical health. My nature is mild and I do not like confrontations so I just end up crying. I am also not strong emotionally. I am already on anxiety and BP medication, and also get palpitations when I get upset. Please advise me Anu, on should I proceed with this separation. Marital counselling is ruled out since he will never attend it thinking that he is all perfect and I am the one having problems. My daughter is coming next week and she will support me fully in whatever decision I take. Thank you so much for your time and patience.
Ans: Dear Anonymous,
I can only imagine your state of mind with what you are going through.
It may sound very heartless as I suggest this; but it's time you gave him an ULTIMATUM. Either he mends his ways OR have a meaningful relationship towards you and the family.
Ultimatums usually force a person to a spot and make them think...there are various reasons why he must be seeking all this validation from women outside but let's not get into it as your question to me is clear; whether to separate or not!
Like all clients that I work with, this is a decision that I tell them is theirs and theirs alone. And to reach a decision either way, is what I handhold which is what I am about to tell you here.

Indications that a relationship has become stale and unworthy and unhealthy:
1. Your health has begun to suffer
2. You obsess more over how to keep sanity in the relationship rather than focus on anything else
3. Fights/arguments are the only talking point between the two of you
4. Both your goals within a marriage have grown widely different
5. What each of you want is bigger than what you want for each other

These should tell you that you are in a very unhealthy relationship. Of course, the best way is to reconcile all these differences and rebuild trust and love; but only if both the partners are willing. The question is: Do you want to rebuild this marriage and does your husband want that as well? The ultimatum given to him; will he yield to it? This will tell you exactly what to do. Once you know, discuss with your daughter and take a firm decision and stick by it.

All the best and always know: We are stronger than we think we are!

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Rishta Guru  |7 Answers  |Ask -

Rishta Guru - Answered on Feb 01, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Feb 01, 2024Hindi
We have been married for two years and in loving relationship before that for two years. My problem is that the love has changed. My husband is no longer the same kind of romantic person. He loves me, he says I love you but the romance is missing. We both work and when we reach home all kinds of practical talks only happens. He is thoughtful, shares the housework, looks after all my needs but I really miss the romantic part that was there earlier and sometimes it makes me irritated and rude. I have tried telling him but he says love changes with time, we are married now and responsible for ourselves. My sister thinks I am being silly but I don’t agree. Why should we have to give up romance? Isn’t it an important part of our life?
Ans: Hi. I understand your frustration. It's completely natural to miss the early stage of romantic intensity in a long-term relationship.

And you're right, romance is an important part of a healthy marriage. It's perfectly valid to want to reignite that spark.

Here are some steps you can take to help your husband understand your concerns:

Communicate effectively

Focus on feelings, not accusations: Instead of saying "You're not romantic anymore!", share how his lack of romantic gestures makes you feel -- unloved, unappreciated, disconnected, unhappy, lonely, ...

Use "I" statements: Express your desire for more romance using phrases like "I would really appreciate it if...." or "I miss when we used to...." so that he does not feel he has to defend himself.

Actively listen to his perspective: Try to understand why he sees things differently. Perhaps work stress is affecting him or he does not know how to express his love differently.

Choose the right time and place: Avoid bringing it up when you're both tired or stressed. Pick a calm moment for a sincere conversation.

Brainstorm together

Instead of demanding specific gestures, discuss what "romance" means to both of you and brainstorm different ways he can express his love that resonate with you.

Schedule "romance time"

Block out dedicated time for romantic activities, even if it's just 30 minutes a week. Take turns planning dates, trying new things or revisiting activities you enjoyed earlier.

Acknowledge his efforts

Appreciate his non-romantic actions that show he cares, like sharing housework. Let him know these actions contribute to your overall feeling of love and security.

Consider professional help

If communication becomes difficult or you struggle to find common ground, consider seeking couples therapy. A therapist can provide a safe space for you both to express your needs and work towards solutions.

You’d get professional help when you are unwell or to file your taxes for example. Why not try it here as well if needed?


Love evolves: While the initial passion may change, a deep and meaningful love can grow stronger over time. Focus on nurturing that deeper connection alongside rekindling romantic gestures.

It's a two-way street: Be willing to put in effort as well. Show your appreciation for him, plan romantic gestures for him and be open to his ideas for expressing love.

Be patient: Rebuilding romance takes time and consistent effort. Celebrate small victories and focus on the progress you make together.

Your sister might not fully understand your perspective but your feelings are valid. Don't give up on the romance; instead, find new ways to keep it alive in your marriage.

All the best.

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Anu Krishna  |1040 Answers  |Ask -

Relationships Expert, Mind Coach - Answered on Apr 15, 2024

Asked by Anonymous - Apr 13, 2024Hindi
In my marriage since the very inception my wife was and is still "sexually immature". I wonder if i am able to make you understand the situation. For the first nine years of marriage she simply resisted/avoided insertion, and finally after compelling her for counselling, etc. she gave in one day, so to say, which led to intercourse on a few occasions and she conceived. Almost 30 years down the line she was simply not interested in intercourse which has become extremely frustrating for me having a great libido. So i have become a man with a roving eye and perennially seek companionship/love/sex with the opposite sex. I wonder if i should feel guilty about it (however i don't feel guilty). As i am kind of personable and engage easily even at the ripe old age of 66, i continue to have a number of girl- friends (married/unmarried). In other words i flirt quite a bit, its become second nature to me. Girls in general take a liking to me too. Not that i am not friendly with my wife. We have a very loving relationship on a level which is not at all sexual. She keeps home very well and takes full care of me other than the sexual aspect. In other words sex is completely out of our relationship. You might not be seeing cases like this often. So i am always kind of sexually alive when i am out of the house. Now if you were to advise me to repair our relationship, take steps etc, i think we have kind of passed that stage primarily because she is peculiarly missing in the vital sex vibrations. I wonder if you understand me. I would like to have your views on all that i have explained. Shall be grateful to have some insights.
Ans: Dear Anonymous,
This isn't uncommon when sexual compatibility between couples is totally out of sync. Sometimes it's hard conditioning from childhood or some unpleasant experience or a medical reason that makes one not want sex at all.

When something is put of sync in a core relationship, you don't push the agenda that is actually causing discomfort but in fact deflect and shift focus onto things that actually help bond the two of you together.
When you look at what's not there, it's only going to look bigger and soon it consumes the mind completely and tricks you into believing that everything is wrong; which has possibly what has happened within your marriage. Agreed that your wife did not give sexual intimacy a lot of importance, but maybe something else might have been and is important to her. Maybe connecting at an emotional level, connecting through deep conversations, spending time together with activities...maybe these are something that help her connect better with you...

At whatever age, trying to fill a void through associations outside of marriage can only bring in momentary pleasure...what after that? Someone else and then again someone else...the cycle goes on and on with little inner joy to yourself.
If you feel that you have passed that stage (as mentioned by you) and also you seem to think it's only because your wife is not inclined towards sex, then this is how it will be!
If you wish for any change, then think different and ask yourself:
- what is it that I can do to actually gain her confidence in me?
- how do i shift focus from sexual intimacy to emotional intimacy?

If this is too hard to do, then your present ways of living might be the only way that you know and rely upon...But, there will never be the inner fulfillment that you are looking at. There's still hope; try and put things back in your marriage...you will thank yourself for it.

All the best!

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